One Month Free Aikido Classes for Adults in October!!!

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We would like to offer one month FREE aikido classes for new adult students from October 1st to 31st.

You can join our classes as many times as you want during the whole month of October and try some Aikido with us!

Adult classes are from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 8 am, and from Monday to Thursday from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Additional women's classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

If you would like to join us for class, please contact us in advance.


Phone: 604-849-3371

Aikido Open House

Join us at Aikidaily for an open house!

Come find out about Aikido. A modern martial art that is non-competitive; where you learn to protect yourself and the person attacking you. What could this possibly look like and how is it taught? You will have the opportunity to find out.

You can also try our classes with us on that day too!



Date: September 24 (Sun)

Time: 1 pm- 3 pm

Fee: Free

Schedule: 13:00-13:15: Meet and greet

                 13:15-13:35: Kids Class

                 13:35-13:45: Kids Game

                 13:45-14:00: Break

                 14:00-14:30: Adult Class

                 14:30-14:45: Demonstration

                 14:45-15:00: Closing