At Aikidaily, we believe fun is as important as discipline. Our patient instructors encourage and enable children to do their best as they learn traditional Aikido basic movements, techniques, and break falls (tumbling) in a safe, playful environment. 

Our two core instructors arrived in Squamish in 2016 direct from Tokyo Japan where they had been diligently honing their craft. Our head instructor, Grant Babin Sensei, 4th Dan has years of experience teaching Aikido to hundreds of children at International Schools throughout Tokyo. Together with his wife Rie, they lead kids classes 5 days a week at their traditional dojo.

What are the Benefits of Aikido for Children? 

Our kids classes build spirit and confidence while fostering positive mental and physical development. In Aikido,there is no kicking or punching - kids learn to deflect aggression by redirecting the opponent's energy in a non-confrontational way. We teach children practical techniques that integrate mind-body which over time build self-awareness, self-esteem and respect for others. Aikido is a lifelong path that many enjoy into adulthood, forging courtesy, integrity, laughter, perseverance and indomitable spirit. 

Is Aikido the Right Martial Art for your Child?

We are happy to offer an introductory week of training for your child to try Aikido. This offer includes a uniform and three classes.

What can I expect from the children's classes:

Our children's classes are for ages 4 to 13. Aikido, being a traditional Japanese martial art, students are introduced to dojo manners and discipline. In these classes, your child will learn basic aikido movements and techniques, how to fall and roll, practice in partners and play games that incorporate some of the principles of Aikido. (Applicants under the age of 5 are considered on a case by case basis.  Please contact Sensei with questions.)

4-5 years

Learning how to have self-control through play and body movement is a big part of this class. Students will have the opportunity to develop new habits, pay attention to manners and work cooperatively with others.

6-7 years

Emphasis is on good discipline and a healthy attitude. We focus on body control, good reflexes, spacial awareness and respectful, cooperative practice in a fun atmosphere. Classes consist of a warm up, body mobility and agility exercises, basic techniques, games and a short meditation. 

8-13 years

As with the younger kids class, we focus on body control, reflexes, spacial awareness and respectful, cooperative practice in a fun atmosphere. The classes have the same format as the little kids classes with more emphasis on precise movements and more techniques.


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